Iron Fire: Neues Album auf dem Weg!

Die dänischen Metalheads haben auf ihrer MySpace Seite ein nachfolgendes Update zum neuen Album veröffentlicht:

On the 15th of April we will start recording the next Iron Fire album.

The working tittle is “Metalmorphosized” and with this album we celebrate
our 10 years anniversary as recording artists.
Instead of just making a best of album, we give you 13 new greatest hits.
We have picked up some previous unreleased songs
back from the years between On The Edge and Revenge,
and updated them to how we think Iron Fire should sound in 2010.
There will also be brand new written tracks that will show the path of
future albums to come.
To complete this anniversary package all previous album recording members
of the band will be guest appearing on the record.
We are planing to be ready for mix with Tommy Hansen within a couple of months.
Prepare for 10 years of Metal and Madness unleashed in audio.

More info about release dates will follow soon.

Quelle: Napalm Records

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