Jorn veröffentlicht DIO-Tribute

Am 2. Juli wird das gute Stück in die Läden kommen. Aufgenommen in den Jailhouse Studios zusammen mit Tommy Hansen wird die CD unter anderem nachfolgende, von Jorn interpretierte, Stücke enthalten:

Invisible; Shame on the Night; Push; Stand Up And Shout; Don’t Talk to Strangers; Lord Of The Last Day; Night People; Sacred Heart; Sunset Superman; Lonely Is The Word / Letters From Earth (2010 version); Kill The King*; Straight Through The Heart (live)
Jorn dazu:

“Throughout the years I have had the privilege of both meeting and working with many of the musicians that have inspired me on my musical journey. Ronnie James Dio has inspired me through decades, and this man’s influence continues to add colour to my creative spirit. Ever since the first time I heard his royal roar back in the 70′s, I have been fascinated by this extremely talented man’s creative force and dedication to music. His career has been going on for so long and includes so many great songs, that it was a challenge to decide which songs and what era to focus on. I ended up focusing on the DIO era”.

Ein persönliches Dankeschön gibt es außerdem in Form des Titels “Song For Ronnie James”!

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