Summer Breeze 2010: Endstille statt Behemoth

Kurz vor dem Beginn des diesjährigen Summer Breeze müssen Behemoth ihren Gig absagen. Der Grund ist eine Erkrankung des Sänger Nergals. Dieser gab auch ein kleines Statement dazu:

I’d like to announce that Behemoth won’t be able to tour for the forseeable future. I don’t wanna bore you with details here, but I’m sick and am receiving some serious medical treatment. It’s gonna take another few weeks or more for full recovery, and so we have been forced to cancel all the Behemoth shows in August, planned dates in Russia and Baltic States for September and October and our American tour in November. I know how much it sucks but health comes first. I can assure all of you that when we return, I’ll be stronger than death, and we’ll reschedule every tour as soon as logistics allow. I feel good and strong, my mind is focused, I’ve got my loving woman by my side, my band mates, friends (never thought there are so many, haha), management, agents and label people are giving me massive support. I can’t ask for more but a little patience now

Doch die Veranstalter haben sofort für gleichwertigen Ersat gesucht. Endstille werden nun auf dem Summer Breeze live zu sehen sein.


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