Behemoth: Nergal auf dem Weg der Besserung

Gute Nachrichten aus dem Hause Behemoth. Sänger Nergal wurde am Montag aus dem Krankenhaus entlassen. Vor vier Wochen hatte er sich dort einer Knochen- marktransplantation unterzogen. Mit Erfolg! Dem Sänger scheint es wesentlich besser zu gehen und er ist bereits voller Tatendrang.

Hier könnte ihr sein Statement, bei dem er sich vor allem für die Unterstützung von allen bedankt, lesen:

Hey! What’s up! At last – one could say. After almost half of year of treatment in various hospitals, several cycles of chemotherapy, irradiation and bone marrow transplant I have been finally released home in a pretty fuckin’ good condition. I’m feeling ok, taking the intensity of treatment under consideration. That was not an easy period of my life, but, as I envisaged, I left the hospital victorious. I never considered any other options, but anyway, there were rough moments too… At this point I must express my thanks to the people, who made all of these downs fairly bearable. My parents – thank you. You deserve a monument for all your love and patience. Dorotka, thank you for your heroic attitude, love and support. I can’t forget Doda’s fans, who made a gigantic effort for me and other ill people. You rule! Absolutely fantastic Behemoth fans from all over the world were organizing various events to make people aware of what leukemia is. To all of you out there- my deepest respect! Thank you – the real heroes – Prof. Hellmann, Dr Piekarska, Dr Knopinska, Doc. Giebel, Prof. Hołowiecki and all the nurses of the hematology division of the Medical Academy in Gdansk and the Oncology Clinic in Gliwice for all the professionalism and great hearts. My band mates for all the friendship and never-ending support. All my friends for sticking to me throughout the whole period of my illness. The list is too long to mention you all, but remember, you have special place in my heart.” …

Ein Weile wird die Genesung natürlich noch dauern, schließlich ist die Behandlung noch nicht abgeschlossen. Doch man kann aufatmen.

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